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Welcome from the Chair.

I would like to welcome you to North Walsham Chamber for Business, an organisation which represents the traders of North Walsham Town.

We are a group of businesses, of a diverse variety, who meet on the last Monday of every month, and hope that you will find that our warm and friendly approach to dealing effectively with issues within the town will be an inspiration and will motivate you into joining our ever increasing membership.

We believe that, by coming together to discuss common issues and address problems, we can have a positive impact, bringing improvements, higher levels of employment and working towards a regeneration of North Walsham – contributing to make it a thriving North Norfolk town.

We assist members with various matters and been dealing with issues that affect business in the Town and surrounding areas. In addition, we have been exceptionally pro-active – with achievements to date ranging from challenging and vetoing the District Council’s proposals with car parking fees, to working with the Town Team which has helped create 3 new retail businesses.

The Chamber for Business is the contact used by North Walsham Town Council, North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk County Council for opinions and views regarding business and trade in North Walsham. This means that Highways, Planning and other projects affecting businesses in the Town are passed to the Chamber for our comments.

We also work with Waitrose to publish a Town Guide which lists our members free of charge and is promoted in their store (please click on the above link for more information).

These are only some of the issues the Chamber for Business has been dealing with. Currently we are putting together a strategy that will link in with the District Council’s ‘Leadership of Place’ initiative together with an array of issues close to the hearts of all the businesses within our membership.

So if you would like to have a voice in North Walsham’s future, network with other businesses or discuss any issues that may concern you, come and join us. The larger the membership the more say we will have. Already we are working closely with the Town Council, the District Council and the Right Honorable Norman Lamb MP in order to get our voices heard.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully receiving your application to join us. All of our contact details are available on this website, should you have any queries.

Kind regards

Nick Lee