The Chamber works to promote the Town of North Walsham and enjoys the co-operation and help of the Town Council.  Some of the issues the Chamber has been/is involved are as follows:

  • Improving North Walsham, the chamber works closely with several bodies such as Town Council, North Walsham in Bloom, Christmas Lights group, Town Management Group, Griffon Area partnership as well as others to keep and improve current appeal of North Walsham for shoppers and residents.
  • Town Management, the Chamber is part of the Leadership of Place project that consists of all local Councils to improve North Walsham and developed plans for the town as a whole.
  • The Chamber has close links with both Town and District Councils and work with them to add value and improve the Town
  • Current issues. The Chamber has successfully dealt with many issues that effect Traders in the Town including Parking Issues, Pigeons, Town Information Point.